The orifices of the series Δ51 & Δ51D (without and with the supply air flow baffle respectively), are suitable for mounting on the wall. Κατασκευάζονται από ανοδειωμένο αλουμίνιοMade of anodized aluminum light type, is for supply and return air and quiet operation. The linearized orifices exist also available in oblique flap by changing the direction of air. (Δ52A-1 direction & Δ52V-2 directions).Available with  13 mm and 17 mm distance among blades.  The orifices of the series Δ50 & Δ50D (without and with the provision of the air buffer regulating diaphragm, respectively) are suitable for  floor installation  with the air distribution upwardly. Made of anodized aluminum Extruded heavy resistance type capable to accommodate floor loads. The conical shape of the blades which in combination with the height and the distance between them achieve smooth air flow, low pressure drop and quiet operation.